About Us

Picxele is a customized student centric application launched to bridge the gap between the brands and college students. This will help in bringing a more efficient reciprocal engagement between brands and the students. It will be achieved thanks to our unique approach of providing Offers, Part/Full-Time Internships, Brand Campaigns, Influencer marketing and also Jobs in a single platform.The idea is to allow students to develop their skills as well as bring it to a profitable use in order to earn and learn at the same time.

What's the motive? Picxele is exclusively aimed at the evergreen student community of India. Students can explore a world of opportunities categorized as Marketing Campaigns, Discounted Codes or Offers along with Full-time Job or Internship opportunities. The dependability of brands with students and vice versa goes a long way and we at Picxele help in linking the voids.

We aim at providing the brands with unique and customizable campaigns in order to promote them to the people through the students. Not only does this bring transparency, profitability and approachability but also sets up a relation between micro and macro level marketing, allowing the brands to get closer to the consumers than before.

How it all began

Picxele was founded and initiated by Rishav Agarwal in year 2018 after the successful operation of INTEGER Innovation for a year and got to know the requirements from both end. The idea of Picxele was to make the process more customized and pipelined so as to help and reach out to a higher number of student populations all over the country with the help of an organizational approach.

The need for this type of arrangement came into existence in order to increase accessibility for both the brands and the students. Hence began the work of bringing together an organizational structure. Helpings brands and companies fulfill their requirements with better and efficient ways, the creation of Picxele took first gear.

Our Team

Rishav Agarwal
Chief Executive Officer

Tushar Bhatia
Chief Operating Officer

Harshit Tiwari
Campaign Manager