About Picxele Community

Picxele Community comprises of students from same college coming together for a common and unified interest i.e. Picxele. The idea behind having a community is to collaborate by sharing common ideas, information and sources among likeminded individuals to help develop and improve the Picxele user experience through verbal and critical feedbacks along with other day to day On Campus activities and engagement among students. Members of the community are the first contact between the Picxele Team and College. Despite them being a part of a single community, they have the freedom to work independently and contribute as per their strengths. Being part of the community also gives in the access to first-hand experience of all the new things that happen in the Picxele application and also direct access to promotional events for multiple brands. Apart from this the members stand as a lone representation of Picxele in their college, thus creating a sense of exclusiveness and also making them eligible for early preferences to various Opportunities.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Organizing on Campus Activities for Brands and Companies.
  • Promoting Jobs/Internship Opportunities.
  • On boarding Volunteers for particular work.
  • Promoting Picxele Application among the Students.
  • Organizing and getting permissions for Workshops or Trainings.
  • Online Promotions on Social Media Channels.
  • Offline Branding Activities in Campus.
  • Festival Associations.
  • Event Management.
  • Community Member will be responsible for all the Associations related to Placement Cell of the particular college.


  • Priority in various Jobs/Internships Opportunities from our Clients.
  • Special Discounts and Vouchers.
  • Picxele T-Shirts and Goodies.
  • Certificate for being a member of Picxele Community.
  • Letter of Recommendation.
  • Association for Permanent Picxele Membership.
  • Picxele Community will earn 10% of the amount earned by the member referred by them throughout their life.
  • Stipends based on tasks and other expenses if any will be covered.


  • A Picxele Community will comprise of Minimum 10 Members from Each College.
  • A member needs to be a part for minimum of 6 Months in the Community.
  • Picxele Community Member needs to inform prior to 15 Days before leaving the Community and can suggest a replacement.
  • If any member leaves before the stipulated duration he/she won't be provided with any recognition.
  • Team Picxele reserves the right to terminate the membership of any student without any prior notice, if he/she is found guilty in any misconduct/malpractice/defamation or any related case.

Apply Here: https://tinyurl.com/picxele-community

For Queries: community@picxele.com