Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Picxele?

Picxele is an on-demand platform where companies can meet their work requirements through trained Gig Workers in task and project-based models.

What are Tasks?

Task allows users to earn regularly through our platform by performing the simplest work by reading the steps themselves or getting it done via their friends and family members depending upon the nature of the work and earning maximum from it.

What are Projects?

Projects involve skill-based tasks that necessitate possessing specific abilities to undertake them. These tasks come with outlined requirements, and users must complete the assessment in order to apply for it, once your application gets approved you will be contacted by the Picxele team for briefing and then you can start working on the project and upon completion, you get the payout.

What are Financial Products?

Financial Products is where you have the opportunity to earn by selling financial products which can be anything like Fixed Deposits, Credit Card, Insurance, and more. Upon every sell you need to submit the lead and once approved you get the mentioned payout for the same.

How can offers & deals be availed?

To access offers and benefit from deals, you can use the coins you earn upon approval of your submitted tasks, projects, or financial products in your Picxele account. These coins serve as a currency that allows you to unlock offers and participate in leaderboard competitions.

What is the difference between the Approved Amount and the Pending Amount?

Approved Amount refers to the amount that you can redeem into your Bank Account which you have earned by completing tasks, projects, or financial products. Pending Amount refers to the amount which is still under check by our team and reports are awaited by the brands for confirmation and shall be approved/rejected shortly as per brands reports.

What is difference between Approved Amount and Pending Amount?

Approved Amount refers to the amount which you can redeem into your Bank Account/Paytm Wallet and when any Tasks, Campaigns or offers are been approved it comes to approved amount. Pending Amount refers to the amount which is still under the check by our team and reports are awaited by the clients for conformation and shall be approved/rejected shortly as per client reports.

What is Ledger?

A ledger is a collection of your Picxele financial account wherein you can see your payment history for various tasks or offers Including Pending, Approved and Rejected status of each and every activity.

What is Minimum Withdrawal Amount?

The minimum Withdrawal Amount is the least amount required to be earned and approved in your Picxele wallet so that you can redeem it in your Bank Account is 100 INR.

How can I Withdraw my Approved Amount?

You can withdraw your approved amount by clicking on the Withdraw Money in the profile section of the app and you can withdraw it using your UPI ID which shall have a minimum of 100 INR in the wallet.

How does Pending Amount converts to Approved Amount?

The pending Amount is converted to the Approved Amount after manual confirmation by our team when we receive the approval confirmation from the brand. Manual confirmation is subject to the user meeting all the requirements given in the tasks, projects, or financial products as per the reports presented by the brand.

How can any Task is done can be rejected?

A task can be rejected if you have not met any of the criteria mentioned in the task, like providing a proper screenshot as per the sample screenshot or submitting the required details of the fields to be filled while submitting the task.

Why my application for Projects is rejected?

In case the user doesn’t meet the requirements as per the project while assessment the user will not get access to the same.

What happens after my application for Projects is approved?

You will soon receive a call from the Picxele team for a briefing about the project and the required documentation to be completed in order to start the work.

What is a Referral Code while creating an account?

Referral Code is an optional field that can be filled if you have been recommended by someone and he/she has provided you with a unique code.

When does the approved amount in the Ledger expire?

The approved amount in the ledger will never expire it will be available in your wallet for a lifetime if you are not withdrawing the same.

Can I transfer my Approved amount to another Picxele Account?

No, you cannot transfer the Picxele amount from your wallet to any other Picxele account wallet as it is the amount earned by you by working on tasks, projects, or financial products.

What are the modes of Creating an Account?

You can create your account by simply entering your Name, Mobile Number, Date of Birth, City, Gender, and Email ID and verifying the Mobile Number to create the account.

What is the minimum age to do Tasks and Campaigns?

The minimum age is 18 Years to perform certain tasks, projects, or financial products.

Why is KYC Mandatory?

In order to withdraw money you need to complete your KYC so in order to avoid any fraudulent activities by the user.

I want to close my account how can I do that?

To close your account you can simply stop using the platform when you are no longer interested in it and mail us at

What is the duration by which the Task or Financial Product gets approved?

It takes about 15-30 days to evaluate and update the status of the Task or Financial Product.

How can I login back to my account if I log out?

You just need to undergo the OTP verification through the same number registered with Picxele.

How many tasks and financial products can we do?

You can perform any number of tasks and financial products, you wish to and earn more and more through Picxele.

Why has my account been suspended?

If we find any irrelevant and fraudulent activities like signing up multiple users from the same device and referring irrelevant or forcing users to complete certain works, Picxele will suspend the entire account and freeze all the earnings.

What is a Leaderboard?

Leaderboard gets updated once in every month depending upon the total coins earned by users by performing various activities in the app.