Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Picxele?

Picxele helps companies meeting their on-demand work requirements through trained Gig Workers, where companies pay only for results delivered not for manpower.

What is Cashback?

It is a form of monetary incentive offered by Picxele to buyers when they purchase on their favorite websites through Picxele. You just need to select the offer which you want to avail Generate Link through Picxele and shop on that website.

What is Quests?

It is a combination of various daily tasks and campaigns offered by Picxele to allow users to earn regularly through our platform by performing the assigned work via either online or offline. Tasks defines that you can individually perform the mentioned activity and submit it by fulfilling the requirements and in Campaigns you are given a campaign to work and promote it to your friends as well to earn more.

What is Offers?

Offers is a combination of cashbacks, discount coupons and 50 on 500 wherein you can earn cash rewards and discounts on various products/services offered by our clients on our platform. Kindly read the description of each and every offer while availing.

What kind of Internships/Jobs can be applied?

A user can apply to Part/Full time internship/job if he/she meets the specified requirement/qualification given in the job/internship description.

What do we do after applying for any Job/Internship through Picxele?

Just sit and relax! You will be contacted by the company officials, if you are selected for further selection process. If in case you do not hear from the company after 10 days from the deadline of Apply Date consider as Not Selected. Picxele is never responsible if you are not been selected by the company its just we filter and forward your profile to companies and they will contact you ahead for the process.

What is difference between Approved Amount and Pending Amount?

Approved Amount refers to the amount which you can redeem into your Bank Account/Paytm Wallet and when any Tasks, Campaigns or offers are been approved it comes to approved amount. Pending Amount refers to the amount which is still under the check by our team and reports are awaited by the clients for conformation and shall be approved/rejected shortly as per client reports.

What is Ledger?

A ledger is a collection of your Picxele financial account wherein you can see your payment history for various tasks or offers Including Pending, Approved and Rejected status of each and every activity.

What is Minimum Withdrawal Amount?

Minimum Withdrawal Amount is the least amount required to be earned and approved in your Picxele wallet so that you can redeem it into your Bank Account/Paytm wallet is 250 INR. In case of Bank Transfer, 10 INR Bank Processing fees will be deducted but in case of Paytm the entire amount requested by you will be sent to you.

How can I Withdraw my Approved Amount?

You can withdraw your approved amount by clicking on Redeem button on the app and follow the instructions. But this button shall appear only if your approved amount becomes greater than 250 INR and before that you wont be able to click the button to redeem the amount.

How does Pending Amount converts to Approved Amount?

Pending Amount is converted to Approved Amount after manual confirmation by our team when we receive the approval confirmation from the clients. Manual confirmation is subjected to user meeting all the requirements given in the task/campaign/offer as per the reports presented by the client.

What are the ways in which any Task done can be rejected?

A task can be cancelled if you have not met any of the criteria mentioned in the task, like bringing providing proper screenshot as per the sample screenshot or submitting the required details the fields to filled while submitting the task.

How long does Picxele Cashback take to approve cashbacks?

Picxele Cashback will be approved within 60-90 days of making the transaction only if the transaction made on the client website through our link if not cancelled or returned. Sometimes duration will be 30-45 days as per the terms.

My Cashback is not tracked what shall I do?

You can mail your order details with screenshot at only if Missing Orders are allowed in that particular offer and out team will reply back to your query within 48 Hours. If in case in some offers cashback is not tracked you may cancel that order and place it again.

Why was my Cashback cancelled?

Your cashback may be cancelled if you have not purchased via the link provided in Picxele or you have canceled or returned your order after purchase.

What if the target mentioned in the campaign is not achieved?

If in case the target mentioned in the campaign is not achieved you wont be getting the amount for it and your campaign will be rejected. If in case the target is 15 and you have done 10 then your campaign will be rejected and you wont be getting amount for it.

Why I got Rejected in the Job which I applied for?

Rejection is the sole discretion of the client company. Picxele practices no right to reject/approve any application.

What is 50 on 500 in Picxele?

It is a unique feature present on our Platform wherein you can get flat Rs.50 cashback on making purchase of Rs.500 from any of the offers listed under it. If in case you make order of 400 the cashback is tracked in pending and you get Rs.50 for it but while validating your account the cashback will be cancelled.

How do I check whether I received my cashback?

You can check your cashback received in your profile section inside ledger. There it will show once the amount if disbursed or you can check your Bank Account/Paytm Wallet whichever option you have chosen while placing a withdrawal request.

What is Manual Approval?

Manual Approval is the process by which our team will verify and approve your task/campaign/offer to ensure all the criteria mentioned for the task/campaign/offer have been uniformly completed.

What is Invite Code while creating account?

Invite Code is an optional field which can be filled if you have been recommended by someone and he/she has provided you with a unique code.

When does the approved amount in the Ledger expire?

Approved amount in the ledger will never expire it will be available in your wallet for lifetime if you are not requesting for withdrawal.

Can I transfer my Approved amount to other Picxele Account?

No, you cannot transfer Picxele amount from your wallet to any other Picxele account wallet as it is the amount earned by you by working on tasks/campaigns/offers.

What are the modes of Creating Account?

You can create your account by simply putting your Name, Mobile Number and Email ID and verifying the Mobile Number to create the account.

I am not student can I still use Picxele?

Yes, Picxele application was created with an intention to provide an opportunity to Learn, Earn and Save. If any one of our services suites your agenda, then you are most welcome.

What is the Minimum age to do Task and Campaigns?

Minimum age stands at 18 Years to perform certain tasks or campaigns but in case of offers users of any age group can avail the same.

I want to close my account how can I do that?

To close your account you can simply stop using the platform when you no longer interested or you can also send us mail at with details so that we can remove your details from our Database.

What is the duration by which the Task or Campaign gets approved?

It takes about 15-30 in which allotted tasks or campaigns will be approved and sometimes it can be longer upto 45 Days based on the Campaign or Task.

What is meant by Missing Order Allowed and Missing Order Not Allowed?

Missing order signifies if in case the order is placed through Picxele and it doesn’t track in Pending section in your profile you can send us a mail at with the required details and in Case of Missing Order Not Allowed you can cancel the order and place it once again from Picxele.

How can I login back to my account if I logout?

You just need to undergo through the OTP verification through the same number registered with Picxele.

What if I have ordered for a lesser amount then the mentioned amount?

When such case arises, then while validating your order the Cashback will be cancelled as the criteria are not met as per the offer.

Can I apply for multiple jobs?

Yes, you can apply for all the jobs/internships in which all the basic criteria are fulfilled and remember to apply in only those in which your skillsets match with the required skillsets.

How many tasks can we do?

You can perform any number of tasks, you wish to and earn more and more through Picxele, keeping in mind eligibility of task for the user.

What if I wish to cancel my order placed through the application?

We provide with specially generated offer links of the respective websites, through which you make a purchase. Its same as buying from the site, but with Picxele select offers. The client website will take care of the refunds and cancelations if they support the same. Simultaneously the cashback earned in Pending Section will be cancelled while validating your order.

If the food ordered through Picxele offers, is defected, like the quality of food is bad, or the taste isn’t good. Will Picxele be responsible?

Picxele provides you with a special discount/offer links, in order to make purchase directly from the client’s website. Picxele only provides monetary benefits, it has nothing to do with the food that comes to you.